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APSUAE.COM - Associated Power Solutions, Leading manufacturer of Fule tanks, generators, UL approved fuel tank, Mobile generator in the UAE

Corporate Profile
Associated Power SolutionsAPSUAE”) has been successfully manufacturing and supplying Power Generators and Bunded Fuel Tanks in the international Market. APS has been operational in the UAE for the past three years and has established itself as a significant player in the Middle East market. Apart from having supplied Generators within the Middle East, we are also exporting Fuel Tanks to major Fuel Tank distributors globally.

The core strategy of the company is implementing the synergies between our four divisions which are the Fuel Tanks, Power, Service and Power Re generation. Phase 1 and 2 have commenced with the manufacturing of Generators and Bunded Fuel Tanks for the local and export market. Phase 3 will see the implementation of the Service Division in by Q1 2016 and Phase 4 - Power Re generation by Q2 2016

This ambitions goal is backed by the company’s unique Technology and Innovation coupled with our Dynamic and Strong Management team to drive this forward. We have some Influential and Respected businessmen in the Gulf sitting on our Board of Directors. Their combined wealth of experience and distinction will give a continued consistency of growth as a part of our ongoing strategy.

Vision Statement
To be Regional Market Leaders in the supply of Power Projects and improve the environment with our Range of Eco Friendly Fuel Storage tanks.
Mission Statement
Achieving a strong growth pattern by aggressively pursuing top Quality and Customer Service to match.
Company Objectives

• To manufacture in the UAE, the UK Spec Large range of 1M/W and above Power units with specialized application designs for the Power rental market
• To manufacture superior environmental friendly Bunded Fuel Tanks for the Oil & Gas and Petrochem Industry.
• To launch a Service Division to compliment the Generators and Fuel Tanks
• To launch the Power Regeneration Division supporting the power rental companies.

APS Core Values

• Integrity
• Respect
• Innovation
• Teamwork
• Passion
• Responsibility

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