Containerised tanks

APS 40000 Litres Containerised fule tank / APS Containerised fuel tank 8800 Gallons

APS 40000L, Self Bunded Fuel Tank. Safe Fill Level 38,000 L

Salient Features
bullet Containerised Bunded Fuel Tank compliant with Pollution Prevention Guidelines ( PPG2)
bullet Bunded outer tank capacity 110% of volume and removable Inner tank for easy maintenance
bullet Outer tank is CSC plated ISO container and manufactured to BS799 Part 5
bullet ISO Corners, top and bottom , for easy and safe handling
bullet Pump, Valves & fittings are all housed within the lockable cabinet which is fitted with spill catchment sump
bullet All inlet and outlet connections are top mounted to help prevent fuel leakage
bullet Frame designed for Multi Stacking for economical storage and transportation by Ship & Truck
bullet Space efficient design : Can easily stack up to 6 high when full for storage & shipping
bullet Letter box hose pockets on either side of the outer tank enabling doors to be kept locked whilst in use.
bullet Internal Baffles included in all tanks to prevent Fuel Surge
bullet Outer Bund acting as a protective framework for extra security
bullet Inspection opening for the Inner & Outer tank
bullet Recessed Step ladder on the outer tank
bullet Three quotes of Paint for the Outer Tank (Epoxy zinc rich primer, Epoxy high build & Polyurethane surface)
bullet Two coats of Paint for the Inner Tank (Epoxy zinc rich primer and Polyurethane surface painting)

Standard fittings:-

bullet 1 x 3 & 1 x 2 Fuel Fill pipe with Cam lock fitting , NRV & ball valve
bullet 6 x 1 Fuel suction pipe with Foot valve , NRV, Isolation valve and quick fix coupling
bullet 6 x 1 Fuel return pipe with Quick fix coupling , NRV & Isolation valve
bullet Content gauge for the inner tank and for the bund
bullet Over fill alarm
bullet Air vent with trap breathers
bullet Drain for the inner tank and the bund.
Dimensions, Weights and other Specifications
Tare Weight 12,500 Kg Capacity in Litres 40,000 L
Laden Weight 48,750* Kg Capacity in Gallons 8,800 G
Length 12,192 mm Inner Tank Thickness 6 mm
Width 2,438 mm Outer Bund Thickness STD ISO 40 Container 4 mm
Height 2,591 mm Hose Pockets 2 on each side 4
*Calculations based on safe fill level at 95% of total tank capacity and specific gravity of diesel at 0.9. Above Tank Picture is for illustration purpose only
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